El Equipo



Catalina Huidobro
General Producer


Journalist, Universidad Catolica de Chile (UC), 27 years old. Producer of Caucasus Project. She worked at Calypso Television in the TV series “Sueños Urbanos” (Urban Dreams), broadcasted in 2005 and 2006 by Chilevision. She was the producer of the documentary series “Lugares Comunes” (Common Places), broadcasted by Channel 13 Cable in 2003. Partner and founder of “Vereda Sur Producciones” who has produced miniseries, video clips, commercial ads and journalistic pieces. She did international politics and journalism studies at Institut d' Etudes Politiques du Paris -Sciencies Po-. She participated in the UC Student's Federation and was the President of the Journalism Student's Board at UC. Nowadays lives and works in Madrid, Spain.