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Not much is known about Caucasus in Latinamerica. Where is it? Who live there? What's its recent history? What religions are there? And their myths? Why is it important? Etc. So that you can investigate more about history and culture of this region, we give a list of books, movies, internet sites and all kind of places which may help you to know better this region.





· Eastward to Tartary. Robert D. Kaplan, 2000.

The well known journalist of Atlantic Monthly travels through Eastern Europe, Middle East and Caucasus in which he accounts the state of the region post the Cold War. You can find it in bookshops in Santiago and Amazon.



· Black Garden, Armenia and Azerbaijan through Peace and War. Thomas de Waal, 2003.

This book introduces us to the conflict between these countries over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory. Buy it here



· Caucasus: A journey to the land betweenn Christianity and Islam. Nicholas Griffin, 2001.

You can buy it here



· Lonely Planet: Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan.

The world's most famous backpacker guide also has an edition of these three once soviet countries. Buy it here.



Movies / Documentaries



· Ararat (2002). A film by Atom Egoyan.

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· Letters from Paris - Depuis qui'Otar est parti (2003). A film by Julie Berticelli



· Power Trip (2003). A film by Paul Devlin.

A documentary filmed in Georgia about the energy crisis that suffered the country. It accounts the struggle of this ex soviet country after its independence.


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· Proyecto Cáucaso

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